We say we want Change, but when it comes down to implementing it, change is intimidating, uncomfortable, typically forced on staff “from above,” and usually winds up sucking the life out of the organization. “Joy” disappears, in a heartbeat.

Now Growth, on the other hand, is something everyone can get behind. It’s a win-win-win-win-win…for everyone. Growth is fulfilling. It’s engaging and it provides the opportunity for everyone to be MORE on all fronts. The only challenge to Growth is how to measure it.





Leveraging working in culture and leadership coaching, The BluePrint Toolset® was created to modernize and transform past models into a more relevant tool for today’s leaders.

Created in 2013, The BluePrint Toolset modernizes and transforms past diagnostic models into a more relevant tool for today’s cutting edge leaders and organizations. Driving growth based on individual, leadership and organizational strengths, each of the various BluePrint Toolset assessments are designed provide a roadmap to achievement, more effective communications, teamwork and success.

The BluePrint is not a 360, nor is it a vetting tool for HR. It is an academically sound, thoroughly researched and globally tested instrument, analyzed against typical norms for over a decade. Hundreds of thousands of data points confirm its veracity, reliability and ease of application within a wide variety of organizations.

Whether you are looking for this leading-edge measurement tool for your own organization, or you want to add it to your consulting practice, The BluePrint Toolset is your one-stop shop for trackable future success.

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